Jean-Claude Lauzon

照片 :
照片描述 : Jean-Claude_Lauzon
中文名 : 让-克洛德·洛宗
英文名 : Jean-Claude_Lauzon
出生年 : 1953年
出生日 : 9月29日
出生地 : 加拿大魁北克蒙特利尔
逝世 : 逝世
逝世年 : 1997年
逝世日 : 8月10日
逝世地 : 加拿大魁北克库朱阿克
国家/地区 : 加拿大
职业1 : 导演
首字母 : L
条目星级 : ★



Jean-Claude_Lauzon, born in Montréal, Québec, Canada (September 29, 1953– August 10, 1997) was a Canadian filmmaker. Born to a humble family, Lauzon worked a variety of odd jobs after dropping out of high school. He went on to study film at the Université du Québec à Montréal at the behest of Andre Petrowski, a member of the National Film Board of Canada. His two feature length films, Un_zoo_la_nuit , and Leolo, established him as one of the most important Canadian directors of his time. He was preparing his third film when he died, along with his girlfriend, Canadian actress Marie-Soleil Tougas, in a plane crash.

His Movie Léolo (1992) was nominated in Cannes for the Golden Palm Award, and is listed as one of the 100 Best movies all time by Time Magazine.